Take a closer look at the forthcoming Darling Oyster Bar
February 11th | Charleston City Paper

It’s been nine months since Ben Russell-Schlesinger and Robert Young closed the short-lived Union Provisions at 513 King St., but today we got our first look at their next concept opening there, The Darling Oyster Bar.

With the help of restaurant consultant Nathan Thurston, Young and Russell-Schlesinger have revamped the space, stripping it of its framed Northwest fruit label decor and opting instead for a sea-theme. The back of the long dining room now features a three-shelf bookcase filled with nautical tchotchkes — coral, sea glass balls, and old glass and ceramic bottles. Tables have been swapped for sea-foam green banquettes, a midnight blue lounge area now hides behind huge curtains beyond the hostess stand, and right in front of the large King Street windows is the 14-seat oyster bar.

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