Top Ten Charleston Cocktails
September 30th | Cocktail Bandits

The Cocktail Bandits, Charleston’s curly ladies who talk cocktails daily started a beverage blog about 4 years ago. The mission of our blog is to educate and entertain our growing audience through our own cocktail recipes, promoting craftsmanship of other beverage professionals, and sharing experiences at food and bev events around the Holy City and beyond.

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Eating Charleston: The Darling Oyster Bar
September 28th | The Brisket Diaries

As a food lover, I have been dying to visit Charleston, South Carolina to check out the incredible culinary scene and of course, explore the city. When in a seaside town like Charleston, you can't NOT eat seafood.  It is just not right.  While there are many of places (delicious places!) to eat seafood, I would highly recommend putting The Darling Oyster Bar

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Liquid assets Interesting things to imbibe around town
September 27th | Post and Courier

The Shoulder Monkey is a signature cocktail developed for the menu at The Darling Oyster Bar. It is a play on both the tiki-style of cocktails and Monkey Shoulder, which is a mix of three different single-malt scotches. Post and Courier

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