7 Brunch Restaurants Taking Butter Seriously. They’ve Got The Interesting Butter Thing Down Pat
July 27th

At Charleston's Darling Oyster Bar—and yes, it earns its name—they serve their signature hush puppies with sorghum butter. A grain traditionally spun into syrup in the South, sorghum adds a sweetness to butter that's far more interesting than honey. Extra Crispy

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50 Things To Do And See In Charleston, South Carolina
July 20th

Grab a stool at the raw bar and watch the shoppers pass on King Street as you dive into crab parfait, ceviche and—of course—oysters. Or, take your briny bounty from a booth to give yourself some room while you order another round of Fish House Punch. Harpers Bazaar

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13 Must-Eat Places For Your Charleston Trip, Plus More To Check Out
July 19th

The tall windows and white-tile interior make you feel cooler as soon as you walk in. The cocktail program is strong with this one, and the oyster selection is excellent (not cheap, usually $1 to $4 each, but good oysters do have their price). An example of fun: Where else can you get chowder fries, with clam chowder poured over French fries tableside? Take that, poutine. Charlotte Observer

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