Save the receipt Revisiting a recipe from our archives Getting schooled in shrimp wiggle
June 7th | Post and Courier

Part of the “Fun in a Theatrical Office” captured in a 1909 play by that name was Mrs. Eben Alexander Hodges’ shrill rejection of her son’s girlfriend: “Fudge? Shrimp wiggle? Do you think that Edward Burton can live on fudge and shrimp wiggle? Is there any sensible thing you can cook? Can you cook leg of lamb? Sirloin of beef? Can you make pies and cakes, ...

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Five New Hot Spots On The Peninsula
June 1st | Yelp

The downtown dining scene is an ever-changing landscape full of contention to be the next big thing. While some make it, others can't keep up with the competition. Here's your newest list of rookies drafted to the big leagues. Yelp

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